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    <name>SIP Trip Phone</name>
    <summary>Browser softphone</summary>
A browser phone that can be connected to SIP providers via Asterisk or directly. It can be used in conjunction 
with Asterisk, to benefit from the control, autonomy and advanced PBX features offered by Asterisk, or without 
Asterisk, if connected directly to the SIP provider. For calls to and from regular phone numbers, a SIP provider 
like Telnyx or Localphone is needed and a real phone number acquired from that SIP provider. If Asterisk is used, 
it's recommended to be Asterisk version 18.0.0 LTS and it has to be installed on a VPS or dedicated server, as 
explained in the 'Admin documentation' linked on this page. The web server has to be configured to allow access 
to a specific directory and to proxy WebSocket traffic to a specific URL, as explained in the 'Admin documentation'. 
Not all SIP providers allow connections from external Asterisk servers or direct connections from web applications 
that use SIP over WebSocket, like SIP Trip Phone. Thus, you can connect this application to Telnyx, Localphone, 
Twilio, Flowroute, Vonage, etc. via an Asterisk server, but if you want to connect it directly to the SIP provider, 
from the 5 mentioned providers, only Telnyx will work, because the others don't allow direct connections from web 
applications using SIP over WebSocket.
SIP Trip Phone is based on the ctxSip phone.

### Features:

* 📞 SIP Trip Phone allows making and receiving calls to/from any mobile or landline phone at lower rates than with regular phones. It is known that VoIP phone calls are up to 70% cheaper than regular phone calls. International VoIP phone calls can cost even 90% less than regular phone calls.

* 🌐 You can acquire phone numbers in countries of your choice and make cheap international phone calls to receivers in those countries. When calling you back on those numbers, the receivers will pay as for local calls.

* 🆓 If Asterisk is used, you can make free calls over the Internet between extensions configured on the underlying Asterisk server.

* ☎️  SIP Trip Phone logs recent phone calls and their duration and allows pausing, muting and transferring phone calls.

* 🚩 Incoming calls are signaled by on-screen notifications.

* 📃 Once you open SIP Trip Phone, you can use it even if you are logged out of Nextcloud.

* 💻 If Asterisk is used, on the underlying Asterisk server you can implement an IVR (Interactive Voice Response or 'voice menu') and many advanced PBX features such as voicemail, queue management, music on hold, number blacklisting, call recording, audio conference calls, etc.

* 💰 The only ongoing cost is about $1 per month (depending on the country) for a phone number. No contracts.

* 💸 Low per minute prices: if Asterisk is used, you can make calls within the US starting from $0.0050 per minute and receive calls with $0.0075 per minute or less (Telnyx), or $0.0060 per minute for outgoing calls and $0 for incoming calls (Localphone). If SIP Trip Phone is connected directly to Telnyx, you can make and receive phone calls with $0.0020 per minute in the US.

We have no affiliation with Telnyx, Localphone, Twilio, Flowroute or Vonage.

### Documentation

* [Admin documentation](https://www.doublebastion.com/install-nextcloud/#install-sip-trip-phone)

### Donations

* 🎁 [Donate](https://www.doublebastion.com/donations/)

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