To install "Roundpin" you have to first install the STUN
server "Coturn" on a VPS or dedicated server, then install
"Asterisk", then install "Roundpin".

Minimum System Requirements:

  VPS or dedicated server with 1 CPU core and 1 GB RAM. It
  can work on machines with much lower specifications, but
  if you want to host video conferences with many participants,
  it's recommended to have at least 1 GB RAM. Recommended
  operating system: Debian 10 or newer. Also, you
  will need the LEMP stack. It may work with Apache
  but it has been exclusively tested with Nginx. All the
  installation instructions mentioned below are for Nginx.

  Note: You can install and use Roundpin alone, but if you
  install "Roundpin" together with the other applications of
  RED SCARF Suite, you will need a VPS or dedicated server
  with higher specifications: 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM and
  40 GB storage.

Complete installation instructions are available on, as follows:

  * Coturn installation:
  * Asterisk installation:
  * Roundpin installation:

If you want to integrate Roundcube with Roundpin, to be able to open a
new email window with one click, to easily send emails to your
Roundpin contacts, and to be able to check incoming emails from 
inside Roundpin, you will need to install a complete mail server
by following the detailed instructions presented at the following link:

  * Mail server installation: