*  Copyright (C) 2021  Double Bastion LLC
  *  This file is part of Roundpin, which is licensed under the
  *  GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.0. The license terms
  *  are detailed in the "LICENSE.txt" file located in the root directory.
 if (isset($_POST['s_ajax_call']) && ($_POST['s_ajax_call'] == $_SESSION['validate_s_access'])) {
  define('ACCESSCONST', TRUE);
     $username = $_POST['username'];
     $currentPassword = $_POST['current_password'];
     $newPassword = $_POST['new_password'];
     // Get the password of the current user from the 'app_users' table
     $enabled = 1;
     $querypass = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT id, username, password, enabled FROM app_users WHERE BINARY username=? AND enabled=?");
     $querypass->bind_param("si", $username, $enabled);
     $fetchData = $querypass->get_result();
     $passdatafromdb = $fetchData->fetch_row();
     $fetchedpassfromdb = $passdatafromdb[2];
     $changepassverify = password_verify($currentPassword, $fetchedpassfromdb);
     if ($changepassverify) {
         $newHashedPassword = password_hash($newPassword, PASSWORD_DEFAULT);
         $enabled = 1;
         $queryupdatepass = $mysqli->prepare("UPDATE app_users SET password=? WHERE BINARY username=? AND enabled=?");
         $queryupdatepass->bind_param("ssi", $newHashedPassword, $username, $enabled);
         if ($queryupdatepass) { 
             $passchangemessage = "Your Roundpin user password has been updated successfully. From now on you will have to use your new password to log in to Roundpin.";
         } else { $passchangemessage = "An error occurred while attempting to save the new password!"; }
     } else { $passchangemessage = "The password you have entered in the 'Current Password' field doesn't match your current password!"; }
     echo json_encode($passchangemessage);
 } else {
     header("Location: roundpin-login.php");